Call me old fashioned, but for a long time, I never really subscribed to the idea of working while travelling. It’s mostly the focus - can’t really put much of it when your mind is thinking a thousand different things at a thousand different instances. But I guess I grew out of this phase. Turns out all one needs is the right set of people and gadgets around. 4 days back, I worked on a remote desktop and figured out a production grade issue while sitting at the backseat of a Tata Nexon doing a 120kmph on a highway. All these days I had assumed that it isn’t possible - power and network being the two main deterrrants. But my car’s 120W power output in the back seat combined with a 45W USB Type-C charger gave enough juice to keep my Ryzen 9 laptop chugging along while I worked. Sure the laptop complained that it was getting reduced power and that I shouldn’t open any heavy workloads, but I’m pretty sure that it would’ve kept it to itself if I had used a better charger than the 45W one. After all, the Zephyrus G14 does support up to 100W Type-C charging and the port was giving out 120W! And Airtel and Jio’s great 4G coverage in India meant, I was getting at least 10Mbps at highway speeds - sufficient to do most work barring pushing and pulling big Docker images. Technology sure is awesome these days.

You know why this is important to me? All this while, my anxiety ridden mind was avoiding travels for the fear of losing out on my work. But this is a huge breathe of fresh air. This means, as long as I have a friend to cover a couple of hours of driving, I can handle those bits of work I kept for the last minute and forgot about them. Over the past couple of days, I had met lovely people, discovered joy, was a part of a very sweet birthday party, got blissfully high on life, and woke up every morning to the glorious sound of crashing waves by the sea - all because modern tech helped me stay connected.

Technology does make life better.

P.S. Happy Birthday, Ashok. And congratulations, Ansa! Ya’ll be the best.

P.P.S. It’s a beautiful day.